How to Install WordPress on AWS EC2 Instance – Part1

How to Install WordPress on AWS EC2 Instance

Now that we have created an EC2 instance in my earlier post How to Install WordPress on AWS EC2 Instance, let’s go ahead and install a WordPress software and start building a simple site. To keep our setup very simple, we will do without any VPC or complex security group rules.

What we will do here.

  • Create an Application Tier
    • We will install the apache httpd,WordPress software,php & mysql for php.
  • Create a Database Tier
    • Setup Mysql DB using Amazon RDS, DB tier for the WordPress site.

We can custom install a WordPress on top of the EC2 instance which we have already lanuched as part of How to Launch my First EC2 instance – Part1. As well we can use Amazon’s Lightsail a fully managed service to build/launch a WordPress site.

Now we will start setting up WordPress on top of the EC2 instance.

Note: Whenever you stop and start the EC2 instance, a new public ip will assigned, SSH using the same and connect to instance.

1) Setting up an Application tier (EC2 instance setup):

SSH into your instance and switch to root user and issue below commands in sequence,

Commands Description
Sudo su switch to root user
yum update -y Updates all software patches on the instance.
yum install httpd -y Installs Apache server
cd /var/www/html Go to this directory to download
wordpress software
wget Download wordPress s/w
tar -xzf latest.tar.gz Extract the contents
cp -r wordpress/* /var/www/html/ copy the wordPress directory under this directory.
rm -rf wordpress remove the extracted content.
*** This step is optional to save space.
rm -rf latest.tar.gz remove the downloaded zip file.
chmod -R 755 wp-content change the permission of wp-content directory
chown -R apache:apache wp-content make ‘apache’ as the owner of wp-content.
yum -y install php php-mysql Install php software for WordPress.
As well install php-sql.
yum install mysql-server mysql-client install mysql server client aswell.
service httpd start Start the Apache server
chkconfig httpd on Always turn on Apache server.
Save & Exit. Save & Exit.
How to build WordPress on AWS EC2 Instance

How to build WordPress on AWS EC2 Instance

Now, we have successfully configured our EC2 instance(Application tier) with all necessary tools & software’s required to work on WordPress site.

2) Setting up a Database Tier using RDS:

Database -> RDS -> Instances -> Mysql (make sure you click the free tier checkbox checked)

  1. Create a New Database


2.  We will go with all the default setup’s as provided by AWS, including VPC, Security Group.


AWS RDS Setup for WordPress AWS RDS for WordPress

We have successfully completed DB instance creation as part ‘How to Install WordPress on AWS EC2 Instance – Part1’

Next in part-2 ‘How to Build WordPress site on AWS EC2 instance – Part2‘  we will look into on how to launch our WordPress Site.

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