AWS Certified Solutions Architect Sample Questions

Last updated:04-Apr-2019

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Sample Questions

Trending Topics:

  • VPC – When to use NACL,NAT and their difference to be clearly known,which servers need to be hosted in public/pvt subnet.How to block particular IP vs allow from a particular SG. When to use Bastion host.
  • ELB – More questions ALB and very recently 3 -4 on NLB
  • Storage : EBS,EFS -when to use, like performance, security, transfer, access by other EC2, encryption.
  • Instance types: EC2 (basically which one select for a given requirement).
  • Spot Instance: Couple of questions on Spot usage.
  • Sticky sessions (2 q) & AutoScaling (3 – 4 q).
  • S3 -> life Cycle policies (30days),Storage Gateway and Volume Gateway usage, S3 infrequent access – when to use,CRR,versioning and deletion.
  • CloudFront – Access restriction, S3 Origins,GeoRestriction,signed URL’s.
  • RDS(AZ,Replica, Aurora endpoints)
  • DynamoDB : performance,DAX,hot vs cold tables,scaling,partition keys (3 -4  q).
  • RedShift(CRR).
  • Kinesis(when to use firehose or data stream),Lambda with API Gateway combination,SQS.
  • ElastiCache and its encryption features,when to use Redis (3-4 q)
  • Types of Encryption especially Network level, What services comes with default encryption.
  • CloudWatch logs, when to use CloudTrail rather cloudwatch.
  • Conginto for 3rd party authentication,temporary credentials (2-3 q).
  • Route53 : Active active vs Active Passive, Geo based service.
  • When to use Athena, AWS Glue(ETL),
  • ElasticBeanstalk deployment methods( 2-3 q).
  • Fault tolerant architecture.
  • Aurora scaling, multi AZ & endpoints.
  • How to Improve data security using Redis Auth.

Please Check exam Sample Questions page for full list of questions & answers.

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