AWS EC2 Exam Preparation

  • Instance Type
    • General
      1. T2/T3 –  Burstable
      2. M3,4,5 – Fixed Performance.
    • Compute Optimized – Small or midsized applications.
      1. C2,3,4,5 – Choose when there is a need for More CPU than RAM
    • Storage Optimized
      1. H1,I2,D2 – Choose when lot of Storage is the requirement.
      2. For data warehousing, Hadoop and other data-intensive operations.
    • Memory Optimized – Main PROD applications or other Big applications.
      1. X1,R3,4,5  – For Database and memory caching applications which requires larger memory size.
      2. High on RAM is a requirement.
    • Graphic Intensified
      1. G2,G3,P2,P3 – For ML , Deep Learning & Other Graphic intense applications.
    • High Disk Throughput
      • F1 – For high end research applications.
    • Z1D – Frequency up to 4.0 GHz, the fastest of any cloud instance.

EC2 Types

  • Placement Group – A placement group is a logical grouping of instances within a single Availability Zone.
    • Types
      • Clustered Grouping within single AZ for low network latency, high io – Use case of Big Data applications.
      • Spread – Placed in distinct H/W -Use case for a small number of critical instances but need to be separate from each other.
    • Existing instances cannot be moved into placement group.

Exam Tips:

  • Use Scheduled Reserved if the instance will be used on particular day/days of a week.
  • For longer duration, always choose Spot for cost saving. Can be sold in market place to recover cost incase.
  • How to make a Spot instance Data persistent.
  • Always prefer Spot, if the application can be interrupted or can be easily recovered or finish certain task which can tolerate interruption.
  • Public IP automatically allocated to a particular EC2 instance & IP is released back to Pool when stopped and restart provides different IP.
  • Private IP communication between servers, web server with db server or application server.This is used for interaction within stack.
  • Elastic IP Assigned to the a/c permanently.DNS can always point to this address. Can be moved from one server to others.Priced if not assigned to an instance.Static. Max 5 per a/c & region.
  • A Public IP cannot be converted into Elastic IP.
  • You would use the command curl to get meta data details.
  • Limited to running up to a total of 20 On-Demand instances across the instance family,20 Reserved Instances.
  • An instance profile is a container for an IAM role used to pass information to EC2.


  • How to move an EC2 instance from one region to another –> via custom AMI.
  • Please click ‘How to Launch My First EC2 Instance‘ for my blog on how to launch an EC2 instance.

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